Romeo and Juliet

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  • on 11th September 2010 at Festival Le Temps d’Aimer in Biarritz


  • the 26th August 2010 in Festival of Verona


  • Hector Berlioz


  • Thierry Malandain

Décor et costumes

  • Jorge Gallardo

Direction de la production, conception lumière

  • Jean-Claude Asquié

Réalisation costumes

  • Véronique Murat


  • Grand Théâtre de Luxembourg, Teatro Victoria Eugenia de San Sebastián, Opéra de Reims, Malandain Ballet Biarritz


  • Teatro Romano de Vérone, Festival Le Temps d’Aimer la Danse de Biarritz, Théâtre Olympia d’Arcachon


  • for 18 dancers


  • 72 minutes

Note of intent

Romeo and Juliet is clearly about the personal hatred existing between the two most powerful families in Verona, the Montaigus and the Capulets. It is also, of course, about the tragic fate of two innocent lovers. Thierry Malandain uses that mythical love story about love and death, while relying on Hector Berlioz’s « Symphonie Dramatique », to lift the gravestone over a dream that was too beautiful.


The humility of that scenography invites all lovers of the world through its images. The only power of the tale comes from dance and dance alone. The choreography, as always, beautiful and clever, fits perfectly into the flow and the intricacies of the symphony. The dancers respond to it with full fervor.
Le Figaro, Ariane Bavelier • 10th September 2010
Almost everywhere, Thierry Malandain has found ingenious, elegant solutions, to tell a story which turns out to be tricky because it has been told before so often., Raphaël de Gubernatis • 15th September 2010
Thierry Malandain, the choreographer of Ballet Biarritz is a paradoxical artist. A learned creator who knows the history of music and of ballet very well, he composes in a style of dance that does not need words. It is obviously movement in its purest form. […] After his previous creation, « Magifique », that was his strongest untill now, Thierry Malandan shows that his art is fully mature.
Les Echos, Philippe Noisette • 16th September 2010
Set to Berlioz’s score, Malandain’s new creation is possibly his most accomplished opus to date and clearly one with a more contemporary stance in the œuvre of this supreme neo-classicist with a perfect knack for exhilarating synchrony.
Dance Europe, François Fargues • November 2010

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