L’Amour sorcier

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  • 18th March 2008 at Grand Théâtre de Luxembourg


  • Manuel de Falla


  • Thierry Malandain

Décor et costumes

  • Jorge Gallardo

Conception lumières

  • Jean-Claude Asquié


  • Grand Théâtre de Luxembourg, Teatro Victoria Eugenia de San Sebastián, Opéra Théâtre de Saint-Etienne, Grand Théâtre de Reims, L’Onde de Vélizy-Villacoublay, Opéra de Vichy, Les Amis de Malandain Ballet Biarritz, Malandain Ballet Biarritz


  • for 16 dancers


  • 25 minutes

Note of intent

L’Amour sorcier takes place in the abode of gypsies of Andalucia, in an atmosphere of superstition and sorcery. There we’ll see the love of Candelas and Carmelo troubled by the apparition of the ghost of a young man who before his death was Candela’s fiancé. The curse will definitively be broken when Candelas manages to redirect the jealous attention of the ghost toward another young girl. Without divesting l’Amour sorcier completely of its picturesque andalucian features, it is to the perennial cycle of life and death that I am attracted. Through this choice and following a viewpoint that makes the subject universal, the principal roles will in part be interpreted by the whole company. Finally, the stage is covered with petals the color of burnong cinders. Black roses that love has run away from, until it comes back.
Thierry Malandain


A very personal vision of l’amour sorcier, based on judicious dramaturgical choices and by a body language which is in the purest Malandain style.
La Terrasse, Nathalie Yokel • April 2008
L’Amour sorcier, with its dark sets, its heavy atmosphere, multiplies alignments, crossing movements and associations until it looks like a swarm of people. In that ceaseless geometry, the technique of the dancers is all the more undeniable : their energy, their synchronic jumps, their perfectlykept positions result in their group work being a visual shock, with very strong moments. I leave the theater as if regenerated by the charm, the power of that company.
Danser en France, Airen • April 2008
This is followed by l’Amour sorcier which was extremely successful. There, dance follows the main themes of the tale from Andalusia that is always danced by the full company. Only once does a couple perform in a magic pas de deux. A grandiose performance with a totally new vision of classical ballet.
Kölnische Rundschau •25 October 2008

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