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  • 2nd June 1997 par la Compagnie Temps Présent at l’Esplanade de Saint-Etienne sous le nom de « Bal Solitude »

Nouvelle Production

  • Compagnie Temps Présent 27th January 1998 au Théâtre municipal de Cholet


  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


  • Thierry Malandain

Décor et costumes

  • Jorge Gallardo

Conception lumières

  • Jean-Claude Asquié


  • for 10 dancers


  • 30 minutes

Note of intent

In 1997, some pages taken from piano concertos by Mozart became the basics for the creation of duets in a programme called « Bal solitude ». It was about some amorous episodes in the context of a ball. A place fit for the festive spirit but revealinf of solitudes whenever love does not mean forever. Mozart à 2 is all about that changing physiognomy of a feeling that can sometimes be measured by the poignancy of the void felt.
Thierry Malandain


Mozart à 2 is a pure marvel The genius of music is danced with dreamlike pas de deux, overflowing with energy. These funny or pathetic variations on the couple keep their passion eternally entire. In an eternal renewal, couples express the tender beginning of a symbiosis or show more character and dramatic intensity.
Le progrès, N.D • February 2007
In Mozart à 2, we could appreciate the risk, the depth, the originality and the inexhaustible visual expression of the body when it is moved by the best music and an extraordinay choreography. The four couples who are on stage […] dance on the adagios of piano concertos for piano, overflowing with tenderness, meetings, distances, friendliness, attachment and love. […] The expression is made up of well constructed steps, with greats elevations and references to the purest of classical style, with very original gestures like a slight bite off clothing, always serving passion and more intimate relationships.
Diario de noticias, Teobaldos • February 2007
Mozart à 2 is a series of loving duets. Malandain way have nothing to do with it but a few dancers can be carried away by the movement and the immediacy of the ballet and appear too ecstatic. But it is a detail, compared to the beauty of this fast and fluid work, chiseled from beginning to end with inventive sort steps.
Dance Europe, François Fargue • October 2007

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