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  • on 8 November 2014 at the Teatro Victoria Eugenia de Donostia / San Sebastian within the framework of the Ballet T project

Première Française

  • 15 November 2014 at Reims Opera


  • Antonio Vivaldi

Chorégraphie, décor et costumes

  • Thierry Malandain

Conception lumières

  • Jean-Claude Asquié

Réalisation costumes

  • Karine Prins

Réalisation accessoires

  • Frédéric Vadé, Christian Grossard


  • Teatro Victoria Eugenia San Sebastián – Ballet T • Opéra de Reims • Centre Chorégraphique National d’Aquitaine en Pyrénées Atlantiques - Malandain Ballet Biarritz


  • for 20 dancers


  • 35 minutes

Note of intent

Thierry Malandain has based this creation on Stabat Mater and Estro Armonico Op.3 by Antonio Vivaldi, a “souped up’’ music, almost subject to the tyranny of always more, hence the temptation to call this ballet : too much? Here the choreographer’s creation is based on the desire to rise and the effort required to reach the summit of a mountain, seen as the place where the sky meets the earth. According to the words of André Lendger: ‘‘today it is easier to climb an 8 000 metre summit than rise just a few centimetres inside oneself.’’


With next to nothing – (...) just a few recycled paint pots turned into magic lanterns - Thierry Malandain creates a setting of both dramatic and joyful celebration, where the suffering of an inconsolable mother is overcome by the irresistible joy of dance.
Ballroom revue, Isabelle Calabre • 8 July 2014

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