Le Sang des étoiles

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  • 4th September 2004 at la Gare du Midi de Biarritz


  • Gustav Mahler, Johann Strauss, Emile Waldteufel, Ludwig Minkus


  • Thierry Malandain

Décor et costumes

  • Jorge Gallardo

Conception lumières

  • Jean-Claude Asquié


  • Esplanade de Saint-Etienne, Grand Théâtre de Reims, Teatro Arriaga de Bilbao, Les Amis de Malandain Ballet Biarritz, Malandain Ballet Biarritz


  • for 16 dancers


  • 65 minutes

Note of intent

Among the stars illuminating the celestial vault, the North Star plays a major role in universal symbolism. Leading Man in the middle of darkness it is also the center around which everything else revolves. Not far from that « navel of the world » the Ursa Major and the Ursa Minor move around, and are acording to Ovides, the homes of the nymph Callisto and her son Arcas. Two flesh and blood beings, changed into bears before becoming stars.
Thierry Malandain


Thierry Malandain who has always clearly established his wish to link classical tradition with a contemporary spirit, drives the point home here. His choreography bolts on together grand développés, arabesques, tours, with flexed feet, and buttocks pointing out. He is currently one of the few in France who manages to stick to his style. He has been in charge of Ballet Biarritz since 1998 with every positive results, which is no mean feat nowadays.
Le Monde, Rosita Boisseau • September 2004
This latest ballet by the boss of Ballet Biarritz is of the highest level. It is a wonderfully danced piece, with extraordinary music.
Le Figaro Magazine, François Deletraz • September 2004
Le Sang des Etoiles is a magnificent cocktail mixing the most unexpected ingredients : classical music, free dance, irony, sensuality, the inventiveness of the choreographer and the lively flesh of the dancers.
Moskovskij Komsomolets, Vladimir Kotikhov • 28th June 2005

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