Biarritz international summer dance course in Biarritz

For 30 years, 350 to 400 course participants from around the world, professional dancers from Russia and Japan, pre-professional dancers from the Paris Opera Ballet or La Scala Ballet schools and dance enthusiasts have been gathering in Biarritz during one of the first weeks of August to share a unique experience.

A multitude of teachers among the most renowned of the world provide them with high-quality training in classical dance, addressing the main dance teaching methods: the French school with the Paris Opera Ballet, the Russian school with the Bolshoi, the Kirov and the Vaganova Academy, the Cuban school…

The diversity of teachers is the brand image of the Academy course to which almost all these masters devote their talents.


The Academy is also known for its various programmes adapted to all dancers, from the preparatory level to the professional level: classical classes, floor barres, workshops… The twenty daily lessons are given by different teachers and held in the four rooms of the College Villa Fal complex. Beginners will learn the basic techniques of classical dance while the more advanced will have the opportunity to work on variations in a very personal way or to improve themselves with adagio practice.

The Academy course has also the peculiarity to provide participants with workshops allowing them to work on excerpts of ballets. This year, the participants could work with Youri Van Den Bosch, assistant deputy of the choreographer Angelin Preljocaj and with with Dominique Cordemans, a former dancer of his company of the neoclassical choreographer Thierry Malandain, who runs the CCN – Malandain Ballet Biarritz .

Both amateurs and professionals will receive advice, attention and consideration. The Academy comprises a set of values that combines high quality standards and willingness to learn and progress with caring for others, respect of differences and open dialogue.