The project

The label “Centre Chorégraphique National” gives Malandain Ballet Biarritz legitimacy and some leeway in developing and promoting Dance. Its geographical situation and its designation of “Ballet” lead the company to develop a choreographic cooperation centre with the two neighbouring ballets: the Ballet de l’Opéra National de Bordeaux and the Ballet du Capitole de Toulouse.
The main objective of this new CCN initiative is to promote young choreographers inspired by neoclassical ballet, “today’s classical dance”.

Like the Ballets of Bordeaux and Toulouse, Malandain Ballet Biarritz is one of the rare French ballet companies able to present a high-quality repertoire influenced by classical ballet. With more than 90 full-time dancers, the three Ballets located in the South-West of France have the ability to perform classical, modern as well as contemporary works at local, regional, European and international level.

As artists and CCN directors, Charles Jude, Kader Belarbi and Thierry Malandain commit themselves to share their respective experiences and to develop a project aiming to help the young creators adopting a neoclassical approach.
This project located in the South-West of France is thus being developed in a context of sharing and discovery. Solid and lasting working relationships and a clear definition of each role will enable the three partners to contribute to the development and support of neoclassical choreographers, the classical choreographers of our time.

In this way, the “Pôle de Coopération Chorégraphique” of Biarritz is being set up with a desire to meet and discover new talents. Supporting the young choreographers is the key objective of this cooperation.

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Emergent Choregraphers Contest

It is often difficult today for a young classical/neo-classical choreographer to gain recognition or launch a creative project. Hiring an ensemble of classically trained dancers that can be available for several weeks to create a performance, finding theaters where they can be booked, etc. are activities that are too often out of reach.

Thus above and beyond providing support for emerging young choreographers and new talented individuals, one of the issues pointed out is renewing the ballet repertoire and giving it high visibility in the profession both nationally and internationally.

To assist emerging young choreographers, Charles Jude and Thierry Malandain have decided to create a competition to identify, highlight and assist two budding talents during three seasons by giving them the means to create for an ensemble of classical dancers and present their work to audiences.

Another objective is to also help attract and promote trades that didn’t dare try their luck until now.

The purpose is to assist an “artistic associate” at the Centre for Choreographic Cooperation to prepare him or her to direct a Ballet (artistic and team management, communications, partner relationships, seeking funding, etc.).


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