The Lab

The Laboratoire de recherche chorégraphique (Choreographic Research Laboratory) is said to be “without borders” because it aims to go beyond geographical, generational and artistic boundaries (music, singing, plastic arts, theatre, etc.) and to encourage constructive and fruitful exchange between creators.

Headed by Gaël Domenger, this project brings together different individuals, motivated by the idea of finding and experimenting new forms of expression and exchange. Coming from different backgrounds but focusing on common topics, they create a context of multidisciplinary work, in which their differences and common features help to clarify the parameters of a clear collaboration.

The interactions between dance, music, theatre, plastic arts, poetry and science are possible but must be the subject of personal and joint reflection to be efficient and creative.
The Laboratoire de recherche chorégraphique sans frontières was conceived as a platform to provide the different actors involved in the CCN life (Accueil Studio resident artists, public awareness, training, promotion…) with the opportunity to meet and discuss these topics: research, improvisation, creation, education.

The lab workshop

From October to June, the Laboratoire de recherche chorégraphique sans frontières organises weekly workshops in the Grand Studio of the Gare du Midi. Most of them are led by Gaël Domenger, with the participation of other artists (choreographers, musicians, dancers). These workshops are for amateurs (adults and pre-adults) in the field of choreography, willing to practice regularly. The participation is free of charge upon registration with Malandain Ballet Biarritz.

Every Monday, from 8pm to 10pm
Contact: (+33) 05 59 24 67 19

Art-Dance Option / Lycée André Malraux

In 2005, the partnership between Malandain Ballet Biarritz and the Lycée André Malraux of Biarritz resulted in a three-hour Art-Dance optional course in year 11. Students in Literary studies can nowadays pursue this education in lower and upper sixth, at five hours a week. It leads to the Baccalauréat L (the French secondary school diploma in literary studies), specialty: dance.

Enlightened audiences
This optional course enables the students to attend numerous choreographic performances included in the local and regional programming, and to take part in “Le Temps d’Aimer la Danse” festival. This kind of activities are organised throughout the school year to encourage the pupils to understand and reflect on the works of the current choreographic landscape.

Theory and practice
Based on key works of the contemporary and classical repertoire, this course gives the pupils the opportunity to meet several experts, coming to share their knowledge of the diversity of dance in today’s time. The students are also supervised every day by a member of Malandain Ballet Biarritz and by the teachers of the Lycée André Malraux.
These exchanges and choreographic discoveries are complemented by regular practical exercises, always based on theory, to teach the pupils to compose personal choreographies by working in group or alone, while associating the different subjects taught in the Lycée André Malraux: literature, music, plastic arts, etc.
Each year, the students of this optional course take part in “Les Ethiopiques” festival.

This optional course has been developed in the frame of the French National Education. Its mission is not to train future dancers, but to enable pupils to discover a different concept of the body, to associate this concept with precise cultural references, to test their tastes and aptitudes, to develop them and to make a choice for their further studies.

Lycée André Malraux
Agnès Baty
Tél. +33 (0)5 59 01 20 40

Malandain Ballet Biarritz
Tél. +33 (0)5 59 24 67 19

Le projet CARE

Le projet novateur CARE (Cultural Experience : Augmented Reality & Emotion) a été mené en collaboration avec l’Ecole d’Ingénieur ESTIA Bidart. Ce travail collaboratif et pluridisciplinaire implique aussi 7 autres partenaires (la société Immersion, IRIT, IMSCI, Métapage, Laboratoire informatique de Grenoble & GISPA LAB, Université de Technologies de Troyes). Il a notamment abouti à une conférence dansée et un spectacle augmenté, spontanément composé, le 4 mars 2011 au théâtre du Casino municipal de Biarritz.

Debussy 3.0 : Ballet augmenté

Le projet Debussy 3.0, mené par ESTIA RECHERCHE et le LABO de Malandain Ballet Biarritz est soutenu par le Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication et la Région Aquitaine dans le cadre de la Fabrique BNSA (Banque Numérique du Savoir d’Aquitaine). Il a consisté en la production d’un ballet augmenté interactif mettant en scène danse, capture de mouvement et projection 3D. Une documentation des étapes de conception et de réalisation ainsi qu’une représentation publique ont été proposés.

Plus d'infos sur le site Debussy 3.0

Digital sculpture

Digital sculpture can offer dancers complete control over the virtual world by offering him more than only handling predefined virtual elements, but also creating them by raising his hands in the virtual field. The dancer becomes sculptor and freezes in time his gestures and movements; the sculptor creates a work, but sublimes movements of the creative process in choreography.

This research process is conducted since 2011 through a partnership between ESTIA and Malandain Ballet Biarritz. Since 2012, INRIA Sophia Antipolis is also integrated in the project by making available a virtual reality environment CAVE-type, allowing a total immersion in a 3D world.

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