The CCN premises, which are provided by the city of Biarritz, include:  

The Gare du Midi, the association's headquarters, including: 

a 280 m² dance studio
a 143 m² dance studio  
a 1400-seat performance hall with a 600 m² stage  
several dressing-rooms for the artists  
three offices  
a meeting room  
a costume workshop 

The storage facility with:

1,000 m² space
a scenery workshop

History of the building

The Gare du Midi, the former Biarritz train station, was erected at the beginning of the XXth century to remedy the distance to the Gare de la Négresse, which had been built away from the town, in 1864, according to Empress Eugenie’s wishes. The work on the Gare du Midi started in 1906 and its architect was Adolphe Dervaux who had also designed the train station in Rouen. The monumental front in stone from Arudy, faces the Jardin public ; inside, the mosaics are by the Maumégean brothers. The passengers had to take a lift or a huge staircase, now gone, in order to reach the train platforms. The building became operational on 25th February 1911 ; steam trains let out large numbers of travelers and celebrities into that new modern station. Once the line was electrified in 1925, the Gare du Midi lost its prestige little by little, with a shuttle service linking Biarritz to the Gare de la Négresse. The last train ran in Septembre 1980. In 1990 the impressive structure having lain empty for several years, was renamed « Palais des Festivals » and could accomodate conventions or shows, with its 1400 seats theatre and 600m2 stage. As from 1997, the Gare du Midi was given its original name back, just before housing, in its two towers and central body, a year later, the National Choreographic Center I Malandain Ballet Biarritz.

For further information : Biarritz, La Gare du Midi, Didier Janssoone, Editions Cheminements, 2008