Press extracts

‘‘His dance is a combination of stringency, grace and virtuosity which are Malandain’s hallmark.’’

La Croix, Marie-Valentine Chaudon, 15 April 2014


‘‘As the troupe is of a modest size (20 dancers present on the stage), they all have an interesting role which they perform with conviction. You can clearly see that this company works in a climate of great harmony: this is obvious on stage. [...] One of Thierry Malandain’s virtues is that he is honest. Everything in his work points to the fact that he’s trying to achieve both fairness and eloquence, so as to avoid common places and the awkwardness of a narrative ballet.’’

Le Nouvel Observateur, Raphaël de Gubernatis, 8 April 2014


‘‘His classic and contemporary style [...] knows how to be sensual and talk about feelings. A thrifty read, in the true sense of the word, which achieves its aims with both talent and precision.’’

Télérama, Rosita Boisseau, April 2014


‘‘Thierry Malandain has achieved a great feat: getting Ballet Biarritz into the closed club of leading international companies . [...] His hallmark is that of a generous and broad dance, which thrives on and draws inspiration from the past, whilst succeeding in keeping up with the times: it invents a link between its own roots and our current concerns. A true success. [...] Always clear, always candid, this man is an exceptional choreographer. And his ballets too.’’

Le Figaro, François Delétraz, 10 January 2014


‘‘Thierry Malandain creates movement by accumulating precise gestures. Hence the extreme refinement of a choreographic phrase which is created through small waves which follow on from one another to obtain fluidity and a natural appearance which are his hallmark.’’

L’Express, Laurence Liban, 30 May 2013