Public awareness platform

By focusing on public awareness of the choreographic development, Malandain Ballet Biarritz proposes an active and voluntary policy to introduce audiences to dance through a Plateforme Sensibilisation (Public Awareness Platform). This platform enables the implementation of actions to raise awareness among different audiences. Dominique Cordemans, head of this department, proposes various approaches to Thierry Malandain’s repertoire:

- Choreographic workshops for adults
- Master classes
- Public rehearsals depending on the programming of the company on tour
- Public lessons
- Gare du Midi visits
- Training days for teachers
- …

Dominique Cordemans

Dominique Cordemans began her studies in dance at the Royal Conservatoire of Brussels and the Sana Dolsky dance school and continued her training at the Royal Ballet School of Flanders. In 1978, she was engaged in the Royal Ballet Flanders, directed by Jeanne Brabants, before joining the Compagnie Actino Ballet and the choreographer Hamid Targui in Brussels. Attracted to teaching, she created her own dance school. In 1981, she moved to Nancy, where she taught at the school of the Ballet Théâtre Français de Nancy, under the direction of Jean-Albert Cartier and Hélène Traïline, while giving lessons to the Nancy Opera dancers.

In 1987, she joined Thierry Malandain and the Compagnie Temps Présent and resumed her dancing career until 1996. She underwent the “Danse à l’École” (Dance at School) training and dedicated herself to the awareness-raising activities of the Compagnie Temps Présent, which was resident in Saint-Etienne at that time. In 2000, she joined the Centre National Chorégraphique of Biarritz to take over the public awareness department.

Rendez-vous sur le Quai de la Gare

Depuis 2011, avec le soutien de la Banque Populaire Aquitaine Centre Atlantique, le Malandain Ballet Biarritz organise à la Gare du Midi de Biarritz, le festival « Rendez-vous sur le quai de la Gare. »

Au programme de cette manifestation dédiée à la sensibilisation du jeune public : des spectacles, des expositions, la dernière création de Thierry Malandain, des ateliers pour tous les âges, une classe publique, ainsi que des représentations données pour un public scolaire.

Uhain Berria

Uhain Berria - New Wave Project

Artistic and societal or environmental commitment, a familiar refrain... Yet, the urgency and the intensity of environmental issues is ever increasing, among hundreds of other issues, global warming, which affects the planet and the coastlines with coastal erosion, flooding, drinking water sources polluted by sea water, rising water levels, warming of sea temperatures causing instability in ecosystems.... 

As a coastal region, the Basque Country (where Malandain Ballet Biarritz is located) is directly concerned as far as its lifestyle, businesses (tourism, blue economy, etc.), culture, etc. 

Consequently, in conjunction with its 2017- 2019 artistic project, Malandain Ballet Biarritz with Victoria Eugenia Antzokia de Donostia/San Sebastian and the Surfrider Foundation Europe (NGO), have undertaken an “Art & Environment” programme to raise public awareness concerning the importance of coastal conservation. Beginning with a performance, an artistic gesture, like a “hummingbird”, the “Uhain Berria” project participants will try to raise public awareness and even change behaviour, as trivial as that may seem. The Noé ballet choreographed by Thierry Malandain is the first milestone of this initiative. In 2018, Martin Harriague (Artist in residence at the Biarritz CCN) created Sirènes and other creative artists will also take part in this project. 

Concerned due to its local roots and aware of the interdependence connecting all of us, with the watchful eye of its public education, Malandain Ballet Biarritz is thus committed to coastal conservation via the Noé and Sirènes ballet performances based on its experience raising public awareness and cultural outreach.

Webdocumentaire sur la création de Noé de Thierry Malandain (réalisation : Morgan Crea)

Webdocumentaire sur les actions de sensibilisation autour du Ballet Noé de Thierry Malandain (réalisation : Morgan Crea)


Webdocumentaire sur la création de Sirènes de Martin Harriague (réalisation : Morgan Crea)