Silhouette Malandain / Beethoven

Etienne de Silhouette, a financial inspector under Louis XV, gave his name to the portraits of the face’s silhouette, probably because his reforms tended only to leave taxpayers the silhouette of their fortune. This solo is a miniature through which the silhouette of the dancer Vaslav Nijinski passes. A silhouette portrait cut in the Spirit of the Rose, Petrouchka, Narcisse and the Afternoon of a faun.

Thierry Malandain

created on 28 September 2012 at the Silhouette Hotel in Biarritz

music Ludwig van Beethoven (sonate third movement n°30, Op.109)
choreography, decoration & costumes Thierry Malandain
lighting design Jean-Claude Asquié

duration 12’
solo for one dancer