Casse Noisette Piotr Ilitch Tchaïkovski / Thierry Malandain

In 1997, when I was asked to present The Nutcracker, I thought it would be tricky to show this work with 12 dancers, when it had been conceived for a much larger nomber of dancers. Then I thought that since everything became possible in that tale for children, after the clock struck twelve, why should that time not also help the dream of older children ? So, I accepted, but I needed more to approach that project. A little before that, I had discovered the « rebirthing », a respiratory method which ensures your well-being after a great number of contradictory feelings. In the course of that « renaissance », from anguish to paradisiac visions, anything may happen as is the case in tales. The Nutcracker was staged as a result of that experience. It gives meaning to Drosselmeyer’s acts. They guide Marie’s spirit through his inspiration towards the land of dreams at the same time as her body is shaken by strange convulsions.

Thierry Malandain

created on 16th December 1997 par la Compagnie Temps Présent
at l’Esplanade de Saint-Etienne
new production Malandain Ballet Biarritz
le 18th December 2003 at Teatro de Madrid

music Piotr Ilitch Tchaïkovski
choreography Thierry Malandain
set and costumes Jorge Gallardo
lighting design Jean-Claude Asquié

coproduced by Esplanade de Saint-Etienne, Teatro de Madrid, Les Amis de Malandain Ballet Biarritz, Malandain Ballet Biarritz

duration of the entire ballet 80’
ballet for 16 danseurs

« The excellent level of the dancers has to ba stressed. […] They are heroes and really deserve the applause. »

El País, Roger Salas, 22nd December 2003

« Thierry Malandain’s Nutcracker shows all the features of his style, for example a very French sense of movement. The choreography is always stylish and attractive, and some parts strike us by their originality. »

El Mundo, Julia Martin, 22nd December 2003

« To shame us about our choreographic life, Biarritz has got a quality company that can recreate in Madrid, a tradition from Central Europe : The performance of Tchaïkovskki’s Nutcracker at Christmas. […] A good show for children to see but also who are not children any longer and who wish to be initiated into the fantastic world of ballet. »

La Razon, Luis G.Iberni, 21st December 2003

« His choreography is personal and is supported by the strong level of his dancers. Ballet Biarritz is without any doubt an excellent company which can be seen in that special and unorthodox Nutcracker. »

ABC, Julio Bravo, 21st December 2003

« Headed by the genial Thierry Malandain, Ballet Biarritz offers a Nutcracker that has been dusted and is now in a more modern and novel language. »

Salir, Salir, 25th December 2003

« The striking costumes and lighting, not to forget the obvious talent of the dancers carried the public into a dreamlike world. Ballet Biarritz’s artists were literally ovationed. »

Sud Ouest, Isabelle Castera, 21st August 2004