Jorge Gallardo

Set and costume design

Born in Chile, he started his studies in architecture at the Catholic University and went on to obtain a degree in Visual Arts from the University of Santiago. Jorge Gallardo began his career as a designer and creator of costumes in the Ballet du Nord for Thierry Malandain’s L’Amour sorcier. He then moved to Miami, where he began a successful career in the United States. He now lives in Santiago de Chile and works for several prestigious companies : Ballet Théâtre Français de Nancy (Patrick Dupont), American Ballet Theatre, Alvin Ailey, Royal Swedish Ballet, Miami City Ballet, Munich Operhouse, Ballet Florida, San Francisco Ballet, Malandain Ballet Biarritz.

Francis Mannaert

Lighting designer

For several years, Francis Mannaert has been working in both technical management and lighting design. With lighting design, he prefers working with the dance and music world, which he’s passionate about and always makes a priority. His dabbling in the fields of architecture and museum studies however helped him develop other keen senses and original lighting techniques. He has the firm belief that lighting should not upstage the artist, work or monument under any circumstances. Unlike a great number of contemporary lighting designers, Francis Mannaert favors sobriety and subtlety, and prefers precision, intelligence and sensitivity over special effects that are too simplistic and flashy. By working closely with the artist, choreographer or director, or due to an in-depth way of approaching a work or monument, his lighting technique aims to place the spotlight and focus attention on the person and the object, the situation or the feelings rather than replacing or erasing them.
Natural light is a source of life and joy - lighting should reflect this and be its perpetuation.